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What is The Beneplan Co-operative?

Beneplan Inc is the administrator of The Beneplan Employee Benefits Co-operative Inc, which provides group health benefits to small & medium employers (20-1000 employees) in Canada. The Co-operative is a non-profit, member-owned structure, which acts as a buying group for the purpose of purchasing group health insurance at the lowest price possible.

Beneplan Cooperative

Beneplan underwrites policies through either The Co-operators Life, Green Shield CanadaStandard Life, Manulife, SSQ Financial, and RBC Insurance.

Beneplan is the lowest-cost provider in Canada for group benefits. Here’s why.

Lowest Fees in Canada

  • Beneplan provides fully-insured group benefits at the lowest possible prices: ASO fees.
  • Fees range from 12% to 18%, depending upon company size.
  • Compare those with 20% to 40% (TLRs of 68% to 81%) which insurance companies mark up the same fully-insured plans.
  • This is possible because we do not ‘shop the market’ and spread business with multiple insurers.
  • Beneplan obtains volume discounts based on our group of over 250 employers (20,000 lives).
Refunds / Dividend Cheques if your Claims are less than Premiums
  • The Beneplan Co-operative refunds excess premiums back if expenses are lower than premiums.
  • This refund is also called a patronage dividend for being a Beneplan Co-operative member.
  • This refund represents the profit which other insurance companies keep – but we give back to you.
  • Beneplan Inc does not take any portion of the refund as compensation – your refund is your refund.
  • Beneplan Inc makes a flat 5% admin fee to administer this buying group.
  • If a member company pays in less premiums than claims + expenses, they are not liable for the deficit.

Refunds apply to the following benefits
  • Extended Health Care
  • Dental Care
  • Vision Care
  • Life Insurance premiums
  • RST Tax
  • Federal Premium Tax
  • New – Drug rebates direct from the manufacturer
  • New – Long Term Disability premiums
Other Beneplan Services
  • Weekly Indemnity (Short Term Disability) adjudication
  • Paramedical fraud prevention & claim adjudication
  • Consulting on synchronizing with government subsidy programs
  • Benefits administration (billing & reporting)
  • HR and Legal issues with respect to benefits
  • Drug Access Facilitators who help plan members with extremely expensive medications

Beneplan Inc was established in 1989.

Beneplan created the Multi-Employer Health & Life Trust in 2000, which was restructured to be the Beneplan Co-operative  in 2013.

“Where does the refund come from? How do you make any profit?”

  • Members receive an average refund of 8% of paid premiums. This is due to what our industry refers to as Inflation or Trend.
  • When an insurance company prices your plan, they use a formula which starts with claims paid in previous years.
  • Inflation is added to claims, to account for the fact that inflation is 12% in the health care sector and 6% in dental care.
  • Fees and taxes are added to this number to arrive at the Premium.
  • If your company’s employees did not experience inflation – meaning, no-one spent anything extra than they spent last year – that is where the money comes from.
  • The padding which is added to be conservative is given back to the employer if it was not needed.

Participating employers own The Beneplan Co-operative and elect a Board of Directors to oversee operations.