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The Beneplan Co-operative is a non-profit, member owned buying group for the purpose of purchasing group health insurance, at the lowest possible price. The Co-operative is managed by Beneplan Inc. providing group health benefits to small and medium sized employers (20-1000 employees) In Canada. We bring together a unique blend of experts, unparalleled personal service and proactive planning creating proactive solutions to group benefits while promoting a culture of wellness for our members.

How it Works

We use Canadian insurance companies to process claims and re-insure the risk.

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When you join, you automatically become an owner.

Owners are entitled to dividends.

We have paid almost $10 million in dividends back to our member-owners since 2000.


Beneplan provides group health benefit plans for small & medium sized employers (20-500 employees).

Beneplan’s primary role is to administer The Beneplan Co-operative (a separate entity from Beneplan Inc), which is a member-owned co-operative. This is a buying group which leverages its size to:

  • Provide the lowest fees in Canada on group health insurance fees and stop-loss (re-insurance)
  • Obtain refunds from the insurance company on premiums paid but not claimed

Dental is a very stable and predictable benefit. It is both frequent and typically low in cost. It is very well suited for self-insurance so we offer two basic choices to fund the benefit:

  1. Participation in the co-operative.
  2. Pure self-insurance: where we simply pay claims on your behalf through a simple benefit bank account. You exercise full control on the account.

Like the Dental benefit, Vision occurs frequently, is low in cost and is easily predictable. It is very suited for self insurance.

This benefit could be volatile, and its claims could easily sometimes be larger than historical levels and expected or projected levels. We strongly recommend this benefit be funded as part of the Beneplan Co-operative.

Beneplan has a certified nutritionist on staff who is available to help employees. There is no charge for an employee to ask her questions via telephone or email, but a full nutritional consultation does have a fee associated.

This is a benefit that we recommend is insured for groups with under 1,000 lives. Beneplan guarantees to match or beat existing rates.

This benefit is basically more a part of payroll than a benefit. Due to Privacy and other reasons, most of our clients distance themselves from administering the benefit themselves. We provide adjudication services for many of our clients. We still involve our clients in the adjudication process without exposing them to any issues related to PIPEDA.

Paramedical services may be included in the extended health benefit or it may be adjudicated directly by Beneplan on a pure self-insurance basis. For tighter control on these benefits, Beneplan administers these services on a pre-approved basis. Before the procedure, a pre-approval form is submitted to Beneplan. Once approved, claims are paid as per the plan.

By utilizing its strongest tool, the Co-operative, Beneplan can take advantage of the stability and predictability of large volumes of people and provide risk-free Life Insurance to all its corporate members.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment is rare but can result in high costs when realized. Due to these characteristics, AD&D is outright insured. Beneplan guarantees to match or beat existing rates.

Personalized Prescribing - Beneplan Co-operative

Personalized Medicine

Beneplan is the only provider in Canada to offer coverage for pharmacogenetic testing at extremely low pricing.

P3 provides your employees with affordable pharmacogenetic testing that can help their doctor find the right dose of the right drug, the first time.

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Why Beneplan?

Beneplan is the lowest cost provider of employee benefits in Canada for small & medium sized companies. Member-owners of The Beneplan Co-operative receive a refund on the premiums they paid when their claims are less than budgeted.

Beneplan uses its volume purchasing power to negotiate the lowest fees and commissions on group benefits in Canada.

When companies switch to Beneplan, their premiums plummet (with no ‘bait & switch’ tactics), and receive patronage dividend cheques when their health, dental, life insurance, and disability insurance premium sare higher than claims and expenses.

Member-owners also receive first-class service from Beneplan’s team of experts.

  • No Broker Games
  • Refunds on Fully Insured Plans
  • Downside Protection against deficits
  • 3rd Party Audit on Financial Results
  • Government Integration
  • Same Day Turnaround Times
  • Exemplary record at FSCO
  • Drug Rebates
  • Best in Class Service
  • Paramedical Fraud Solutions
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