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Transgender Individuals – Remember to update your benefit plan details to ensure claims payment

Tips for changing your gender under your employee benefit plan

Transgender rights have been very top-of-mind for many individuals in 2015, and Beneplan has received an increased number of requests for genders and names to be changed. We’re glad to see more individuals able to live as their true selves.

If you or a dependent are going through a transition, here’s what you should know about your Canadian employee benefits coverage:

  • Your benefits card must match your government ID in order for claims to be processed at the pharmacy, dentist, or other practitioners: don’t forget to change your status with your insurance company or benefits administrator.
  • Please send in your request to change name and gender to your plan administrator at the insurance company – if you are with Beneplan, you can email admin -at- beneplan -dot- ca.
  • If this is for your dependent, for privacy reasons, you do not need to notify the plan administrator at your employer or plan sponsor. You can notify the insurer directly.
  • When you send in your request, you may need to ask the insurer/administrator to put a note in the claims system that this is the same individual, with a simple name change. You want to ensure that claims history is migrated effectively.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Beneplan at 1-800-387-1670.