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The Beneplan Co-Operative Annual Report 2015

Our 2015 Annual Report 2015 highlights our work towards our goal of helping small and medium sized enterprises maintain the best employee benefits at the lowest possible costs.

Selected Highlights:

  • Total co-operative patronage dividend $917,000
  • Maximum patronage dividend: $53,905.44: Average dividend: $8,016.74
  • Introduction of Pharmacogenetics to our Benefits Offering
  • Members subscribing to the Reformulary system experienced a 17% drug usage reduction and an average rebate of 2% of drug claims

Please remember to review the new Board of Director nominees in advance of the AGM on April 7th, 2016.

Members can download the financial statements here: Beneplan Financial Statements 2015 12 31.

To review each member’s individual financial results and patronage dividends, please proceed to http://beneplan.ca/the-beneplan-co-operative-annual-report-2015/.

Kind Regards,

Yafa Sakkejha and the Beneplan Co-operative team