Let me take this opportunity to offer my acknowledgement and thanks for all that you have done for us in 2019. It’s been an extraordinary year for me, and through it all you have supported me in my work.
You are indeed a vested partner and I am eternally grateful. Thank you!

Lina Capogna, Financial Coordinator, Blue Star Construction Corp

Thank you for always being so upfront and truthful, that’s what we love most about you and Beneplan is that we know that you care, and that you’re working in our best interest, always. That’s really rare and we value you so much! :)

Ginny De Cloet, HR Manager, Mary Kay

Beneplan is not just the insurance brokerage Dot Health uses for our team, but they’re also the team we reach out to when we have any HR questions or if we’re trying to shape our plan for our very specific needs. Beneplan has been incredible in their support of us as a company and as a team and we’re very happy campers.

Huda Idrees, Founder & CEO, Dot Health

I spoke with the HR Manager for my first time today. I would like to let you know that I found his advice very helpful and I found him to be pleasant and entertaining. It is much easier to talk about an unpleasant topic with someone that can make the conversation itself a pleasant event. I will definitely keep him in mind for future advice.

Dawn Blackborow, CHRP – Chief Compliance Office & Director of HR, Momentum Credit Union

You guys are so great to work with. With other insurers, it’s like pulling teeth just to get any sort of response. Sincere appreciation!

Karen Harris, Office Manager, MSG Group

We were introduced by an employee benefits package that could provide savings and potentially a dividend. After multiple meetings, we reviewed the benefits comparison & decided to move forward. To this day, were very happy with the results! We were able to save on our monthly premiums AND we received a cheque this year. The people are always available to us and they do an excellent job in assisting when needed. If you’re looking for cost savings, same coverage and high end service on all levels—I would highly recommend this without hesitation.

Yvonne Isshak, Controller, Windsor Hyundai

Beneplan Inc. is an organization which I feel is progressive, responsive to its member companies’ needs and the ever-changing healthcare system and is a fiscally responsible company.

Beverley Ferguson, Special Projects Coordinator, Chantler Packaging Inc

On several occasions I have had to use the services of the HR contact at, Beneplan, I can’t tell you have valuable this has been to me and my company. I have received exceptional service with every interaction, thank you for providing this service and thank you to Joel for your expertise!

Bryce McDonald, General Manager, Advanced Cellular

Thanks to you for the great news regarding our dividend cheque! We have been very happy with the service we have received from both our advisor and Beneplan. I will definitely share this with the executive team.

Tracy M., HR Manager, Widsor, Ontario