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Shepell EFAP Services available at Additional Costs

In Person Counselling

  • Traditional counselling format, ideal for families or couples who require interaction or individuals who have severe addiction or emotional issues.
  • Over 100 Shepell offices available across Canada.
  • Appointment will be provided to counselling location closest to the employee’s home or work location.


Cost: $150 per hour

How to Access: Please call 1 800-387-4765 to arrange an appointment for your employee.


Traumatic Event Support (TES)

  • 24-hour immediate and confidential response starting with an Immediate Support Consultation.
  • Support is available to organizations of any size, in any industry surrounding sensitive situations, such as:

Workplace Accidents, Terminations, Violence, Illness, Loss and more.

  • TES implements best practices in reducing and managing the impact of traumatic events through:

Defusings, Debriefings, On-site one-on-one counselling, Identification of continued support.


Cost: $995 (up to four hours of onsite support)

How to Access: Please call 1 800-387-4765 to arrange an appointment for your employee.


Workplace Support Programs (WSP)

  • Supports employees going through significant life changes, and those needing longer-term mental health support than is typically available through an employee and family assistance program.
  • WSP is an umbrella offering that contains programs that can be used independently or in combination:
  • Workplace Referral Program (WRP): monitored or mandated counselling referrals for employees experiencing work performance issues. More intensive and specialized intervention that aims to help resolve employee’s performance issues.
  • WorkAssist™: specialized counselling to support a Return to Work (RTW) to reduce time and cost of disability claims by helping your employees return to work and retain their productivity as soon as possible.
  • Substance Abuse Program (SAP): provides employers access to specialist recommendations for employees who test positive for drugs or alcohol in the workplace. This is tied to an organization’s Substance Abuse Policy.
  • Structured Relapse Prevention Program (SRPP): is designed to support employees who have successfully completed an addiction treatment program with their reintegration to the workplace and ongoing relapse prevention support. This post-treatment recovery program focuses on awareness and skill development related to psychological, emotional and situational triggers that lead to relapse.


Cost: $150/hour

How to Access: Please email BeneplanEFAP@shepell.com for more information



Workplace Learning Solutions
Please contact your program manager for information on pricing and how to access this service.


  • Work, health, and life learning: over 100seminars and workshops to choose from, our experts provide your workforce with the information and tools they need to be highly productive at work, and lead a balanced and healthy life. Topics include stress management, resiliency, conflict in the workplace, and more.
  • Specialized Solutions: targeted learning programs designed to support workplace engagement. Topics include workplace investigations, sensitivity workshops, mediation and more.
  • Workplace Development: promotes healthy workplaces through education, coaching and mediation for effective resolution of critical workplace challenges. Can be used for issues such as anger, harassment, and more.
  • Intercultural Learning: support employees and families before, during and after their domestic or global relocation. Topics include expatriate cross-cultural, global business travel, diversity in the workplace training and more.



$545 per one hour lunch and learn seminars (up to 30 participants)

Half-day workshop and Full-day workshop area also available

How to Access: Please email BeneplanEFAP@shepell.com for more information



Total Health Index (THI) Discovery

  • Employee health risk assessment combined with employee engagement and productivity metrics.
  • Supports employees uncover information and a new view on how to make the most of their physical health, mental health, work, and life.
  • Employers can uncover opportunities to align investments in health and wellness programs to create better outcomes for employees and for their organizations.


Cost & How to Access: Please email BeneplanEFAP@shepell.com for more information