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Reformulary Group: Chronic Pain in Canada

Chronic pain patients in Canada are poorly managed. A few factors include lack of education regarding pain assessment and treatment, inadequate funding for researching chronic pain and an under-recognition of the problem. Chronic pain is a big problem and is growing as Canadian’s age. At the time of writing, one in five Canadians experience chronic pain and many people living with Chronic pain do not have adequate access to appropriate. The economic impact is enormous, with direct health care costs for treating chronic pain top $6 Billion a year, where the economic losses in terms of productivity directly related to pain health issues totals $37 Billion.

Living with Chronic pain is a challenge with many patients experiencing a deterioration in health-related quality of life, depression and increased pain. The Team at Reformulary put together a infographic with 6 pieces of common therapies and techniques you can use to manage your Chronic Pain.

Informulary - Chronic pain January 2016

Download as PDF – Informulary – Chronic Pain – January 2016