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Press Release | Beneplan launches innovative health advocacy program to help members reduce medical costs

TORONTO, ON, June 7, 2017 – The Beneplan Compassionate Drug Assistance Program, created and operated by Beneplan Inc., helps patients navigate various sources of financial assistance to significantly reduce medical costs.

With the evolution of pharmaceutical medicines, the number of Canadians that need highly expensive medications is growing every year. Some medicines can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. At the same time, most benefit plans now have a limit on coverage: either an annual maximum or an amount that must be paid out-of-pocket, called a “co-pay” or “deductible.”

By providing members with complimentary access to a Drug Advocate, the goal of Beneplan’s Compassionate Drug Assistance Program is to identify sources of funding and gaps in coverage. Drug Advocates tailor their approach to each member’s individual circumstances and liaise with various sources of financial assistance to ensure excess costs are eliminated. “Beneplan’s sole focus is Canadian employee benefits,” says Yafa Sakkejha, General Manager of Beneplan, “we are much more than just consultants or administrators. We are known as innovators in the industry for minimizing costs for small businesses, while maximizing patient care.”

Denise Bennett, a Beneplan client with a degenerative kidney disease, was medically eligible for a drug that would stave off dialysis. But at approximately $5,800 per month, the drug was not recognized by the Ontario Trillium Drug Program and she could not afford to pay for the treatment herself. Luckily, she was covered by Beneplan’s Compassionate Drug Assistance Program through her employer. A Drug Advocate helped Bennett secure access to the drug at no cost.

“This literally changed my outlook on my future,” says Bennett. “I would definitely recommend this program and am happy to spread

the word about how wonderful Beneplan is. More companies should be leaning into personal client care. Beneplan was life-changing and life-saving. ”

In addition to its Compassionate Drug Assistance Program, Beneplan cracks down on excessive pricing from health insurance companies using negotiation strategies employed by Fortune 500 companies with their own benefit plans. Beneplan shares the savings of these strategies with its small-business member-owners. As a member-owned co-operative, if a member’s expenses are lower than their premiums, they share in the profit through a dividend. Dividends are paid to employers who participate in health, dental, life insurance, long term disability, and other premiums.

To communicate their forward-thinking business model and personalized approach, Beneplan recently underwent a rebrand, launching a new logo, print collateral, and website design. Using bold colours, modern typography, and hand-drawn digital art, the new brand identity tells the Beneplan story with clean, uplifting visuals.


ABOUT BENEPLAN: Beneplan is the manager of The Beneplan Co-operative, a member owned organization for the purpose of purchasing Canadian group employee benefits, at the lowest possible price. The co-operative works with small and medium-sized employers (20 – 1,000 employees) in Canada. Beneplan brings together a unique blend of experts, unparalleled personal service and proactive strategy to create innovative solutions for group benefits while promoting a culture of wellness. Beneplan covers over 25,000 individuals through over 350 employers, and has paid more than $10 million in dividends to its member-owners since 2000.