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[ADMIN] Please tell us if a staff member will be “Not Actively At Work”

Let us know if a staff member will be “Not Actively at Work”

An employee is considered “Actively at work” if he or she is:
• coming to work regularly
• on regular vacation
• on regular sick leave
• on maternity leave
If an employee will be away from work for any other reason you should inform your insurance broker or insurance company. Employees are not eligible for benefits when they are not actively at work.
Unless permission is granted by the insurance company before the employee stops working, large claims that occur during their absence, such as long term disability or life insurance claims will not be covered.
It is the responsibility of the employer to notify employees, in writing, of benefits that they are no longer eligible for during their absence to avoid legal disputes.
If any of your employees are currently “Not Actively at Work”, or will be in the near future, please contact Beneplan or your insurance company.