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New Year Benefits Checklist for Plan Administrators

Photo Credit Sven Erik
New Year? New Checklist || Photo Credit Sven Erik

As we open a new year, it’s a great time to refresh your records with updated information.

Here is a checklist you may find useful as a plan administrator:

  • Request a Taxable Benefits report from Beneplan, so that you can add taxable benefit amounts onto T4s.
  • Report any salary changes to Beneplan if you have any disability benefits, or if your life insurance is tied to salary (E.x. “100% of Salary”)
  • Ask employees to report any life changes:
    • New dependents (births, adoptions, etc)
    • New spouses (Marriage / Common Law as of 12 months of cohabitation)
    • Removing dependents
    • Change of address
    • Changing beneficiaries
    • Change of name
    • Spouse lost/added coverage (This affects co-ordination of benefits)
  • Remove terminated employees
  • Let Beneplan know if you have any employees who are not actively at work due to:
    • Sick leave
    • Leave of absence
    • Severance
    • Layoff (short/long term)
    • Any other leaves, outside of vacation and maternity leave

Please email admin@beneplan.ca with your changes or call 1-800-387-1670 and press 0 for assistance.