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New: Refund Accounting on Long Term Disability Insurance

Effective January 1, 2016, Beneplan has entered into an agreement with The Co-operators Life on The Beneplan Co-operative’s long term disability benefits. For the first time, this block will be operating on a refund accounting basis. This means that after reserves, fees, and claims are paid, any surplus money left over will be fully refunded to the policy holders, who are the member-owners of The Beneplan Co-operative.

The Beneplan Co-operative is the only buying group in the country that would provide access to this extremely favourable deal to small & medium sized employers across Canada.

This now brings the number of benefits on a refund basis to six:

  1. Health premiums
  2. Dental premiums
  3. Life Insurance premiums
  4. Drug rebates through Reformulary
  5. RST Tax Recovery
  6. Long Term Disability premiums

Please contact your advisor or call Beneplan at 1-800-387-1670 if you have any questions.