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New look for Pay Direct Drug cards

Effective September 1, 2018, we will begin issuing our new refreshed Pay Direct Drug (PDD) cards. The double-sided card will have a sleek new look, with the plan member and dependent information appearing on the front of the card. The reverse side will house the conditions of the card and contact information for Emergency Medical Travel Assistance and claims inquiries.

Existing plan members will continue to use their current PDD card until they add a dependent or require a replacement card. Temporary cards continue to be available through the Benefits Now® for Plan Members portal or the mobile application.

We are also making an administrative change. We will stop issuing new cards when dependents are no longer eligible. For example, the dependent either reaches the age maximum or is no longer a full-time student. The conditions on the reverse of the card outline that while the dependent’s name may appear on the front of the card, they still need to meet the eligibility requirements.