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March Wellness Tip

Successful Weight Loss Tips

Evelyne Mitskopoulos CNP is our staff nutritionist and Director of Wellness at Beneplan.

The U.S. national Weight Control Registry is a database of men and women who have lost 60 pounds or more and maintained this weight loss for 5 or more years and here are their tips:

  1. They are all physically active.  On average, they accumulate 250 minutes per week of moderate-intensity exercise.
  2. They all monitor how much food they eat, eating a wide variety of foods, but paying close attention to how much fat is in their diet.  Choose healthy fats as they actually aid in weight loss.
  3. Most of them maintain some type of weight-change chart.
  4. Most of them weight themselves at least once per week.
  5. They all eat a healthy breakfast and are very consistent in their exercise patterns.
  6. Walking was the most common choice of aerobic activity.  Walking is the safest, most natural form of light aerobic activity.