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Making a Change to Your Plan: Required Documentation

There are a number of life events that can impact a benefit plan. When one of these events happens in your life, you generally have 30 days from that date to make a change to your benefit plan, with no medical requirement.

Please see the various documentation required in order to make a change.

  • Adding a common law spouse

We require any form of proof showing the residential address is the same as the spouse. This would be any document showing an address change. These can include a photocopy or scanned version of:

  • Telco bill (account # omitted); or,
  • Bank document (account # omitted); or,
  • Government document or ID; or,
  • Tax documentation showing filing tax returns as common law.
  • Please note that all documentation will be shredded after the information has been filed.
  • Adding a married spouse
    • Require a copy of the marriage certificate with effective date of change.
  • Adding a late spouse
    If you are adding a spouse or common law partner to your benefits coverage, we do require proof your spouse lost coverage as well as the effective date:

    • Letter from the employer or the Insurance company, showing termination, or the reason coverage was declined.
  • Adding a Late Dependent (30 days after eligible)
    • We require written proof your dependent lost coverage: a former employer plan, or a letter from the prior insurer indicating the date that coverage was lost.
    • If you are adding a dependent who is not a direct relative, we require written proof of legal guardianship.
  • Changing Student Status
    When enrolling a benefits member to a plans as a student, we require a letter from an accredited post-secondary institution, along with a valid student card issued by the institution. Please note coverage runs from September 1st to August 31st the following year and the following documents must be submitted annually to continue coverage:

    • Letter from University; or,
    • Transcript; or,
    • Student card with expiry date.
  • Provincial Insurance Checks
    • Plan members must be covered by their provincial insurance plan in order to enjoy fully insured coverage. Random audits will be issued to ensure coverage is in place.
    • If a plan member does not have provincial insurance coverage in place, we will require proof of bridge insurance while the plan member is serving their waiting period.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our team who are happy to provide assistance.