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[HR] Return to Work Committees

We contributed to this excellent article on Return to Work Committees written by Sarah Tatelman for the online Small Biz Advisor magazine. This concept, in many instances is an excellent best practice for employers of any size and in any sector.

Many employers can only dream of an easy return to work for employees who have been away from work due to any illness or disability. In the real world, employees often have a more challenging time returning to work after a health issue, whether it’s due to a stroke, a broken arm or mental-health challenges. The return-to-work committee can help make this a smoother, cohesive process, one in which management (and union representatives where applicable), collaborate on helping employees get back into the swing of things.

Best practices for return-to-work committees

If you’re an existing client, you can call Beneplan’s HR consulting service for advice on how to go about setting up a Return to Work Committee in your organization.

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