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HR Leader: Ginny De Cloet

Meet the HR Executives under 40 who are ahead of their time


As a continuing series, Beneplan will feature HR leaders who are spearheading their industries and shaping the most important aspects of a business (People) to grow and innovate at work place while maintaining a healthy work life balance. Also, did we mention that they are top guns? 😀

Ginny De Cloet
HR Manager Mary Kay Cosmetics

  • How did you get started in HR?

I started my career as an HR Co-ordinator at RichTree (formerly Movenpick) even though my background was in Hotel & Restaurant management.  I was fortunate to be recommended to take on the opportunity by my sister who was vacating the role and thought I would be a good fit.


  • What are some of the exciting perks to work at Mary Kay?

Staff engagement is of the utmost importance at Mary Kay, and we work very hard to keep the employees happy and motivated.  We truly care about our employees well being, and every decision we make – even at the highest level –  is made keeping them at the top of mind. We use a line here at Mary Kay “P&L doesn’t stand for Profit & Loss; it stands for People & Love.” Because our employees are so engaged it’s interesting to note that 67% of them have stayed with us for over 10 years.  Some additional perks to working at Mary Kay include half day Friday’s all year round, health and wellness benefits, a Deferred Profit Sharing Plan, Tuition reimbursement program, product allowance, and so many fun events throughout the year.


  • What do you see as the future of total benefits and rewards in Canada?

Total rewards goes beyond just salary and health and dental benefits now, it’s looking at the complete package a company offers.  Flexibility is something that is more sought after than ever before which I see being a part of a Company’s benefits program.   More and more people are expressing a desire and need to work from home and the opportunity to have a better work life balance.


  • What wisdom would you like to share with a CEO who is starting a new company?

If you treat your employees with love and respect, you will have their commitment.


  • What wisdom would you share with a new HR grad about the business?

When it comes to dealing with people, things are not always black or white, there are always grey areas that need careful consideration.  And as cheesy as this sounds, you can’t always make decisions based on your head, you have to use a balance of both head and heart.