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How to Negotiate with your Dentist

How to Negotiate with your Dentist

It is possible to negotiate with your dentist for lower rates, since the markup that dentists charge on procedures can vary from office to office. Some charge above the “fair market price” which can be found in the current year’s Dental Fee Guide. The Dental fee guide is an encyclopaedia of all procedures and the fair market price. Insurers generally follow the dental fee guide when processing claims, so the higher the markup your dentist charges, the more you will pay out of pocket.

If you are willing to submit your claim manually, there are a couple of steps you can take to get the lowest rates from your dentist:

  • Claim you don’t have a plan, or will be losing your plan to determine if they charge different rates for those who pay out of pocket
  • Ask how much they charge relative to the dental fee guide, and indicate you may switch to another dentist office unless they can offer you a lower rate

Often dentists will offer lower rates to avoid losing your business. Give it a try!