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Get ready for the Reformulary Drug Plan

Reformulary Group Logo 2014

Beneplan is proud to be introducing an exciting new plan option called the Reformulary drug plan.


Reformulary infographic Beneplan

Your drug plan is likely one of your most valued workplace benefits. Your employees are glad that it’s there when they need it. However; with the rising cost of drugs, employers are looking for ways to help them manage their costs, while balancing the health needs of their employees.
Here’s where the Reformulary drug plan shines.

The Reformulary is an innovative formulary (list of covered drugs) which promotes drugs that provide the best healthcare value.
Each drug on the Reformulary has been evaluated by an impartial expert committee of leading physicians and pharmacists for:

  • Clinical effectiveness
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Real world perspective (return to work; productivity)

The Reformulary includes all drugs, both brand name drugs and generic drugs. The expert committee helped identify preferred drugs (best-value drugs), non-preferred drugs, and drugs requiring special authorization. Most drugs aren’t impacted so your employees may not be affected at all.

Look for upcoming announcements about the Reformulary drug plan in the coming months. Contact us to book a meeting to learn how it could benefit your company: 1-800-387-1670 x245.