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What happens to your benefits when you leave your job?

Many individuals are left without any group benefits coverage once they leave their jobs or retire. Our Provincial plan does cover some health care expenses, but many day-to-day and emergency expenses are not covered. As a result, these individuals are left to pay out of their own pockets.

The solution is a ‘conversion’ benefit plan, where an individual can convert their coverage from a group plan to an individual plan.

Insurance companies have plans which guarantee individual health and dental coverage to plan members previously covered under our group benefits plan. In order to be eligible, the plan member must apply for coverage within 30 days of the termination of their group benefit coverage, meet the maximum age, and must have been covered by their provincial health care program.

Plan members can choose from three levels of coverage. All include coverage for prescription drugs,* paramedical services, ambulance, hearing aids, and semi-private hospital.

  • Basic provides essential extended health care coverage.
  • Enhanced offers coverage for the same expenses provided by the Basic plan with increased benefit maximums for a number of services. This plan also includes coverage for vision care, eye exams, and basic dental services.
  • Enhanced Plus builds on the Enhanced plan with higher benefit maximums and added coverage for major dental services.

Please contact Beneplan to learn more about these conversion plans.

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