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Profit Refunds

Beneplan will provide a fully insured benefit plan and still refund any money you paid that did not go towards claims or expenses. What’s more, if you are in a deficit you will not need to pay back the difference.

Retail Sales Tax (RST) Refunds

Beneplan can provide a fully insured benefit plan and still refund any money you paid that did not go towards claims or expenses. This applies to premiums paid towards group life insurance, long term disability insurance, health care or dental benefits. What’s more, if you are in a deficit, you will not need to pay back the difference. Beneplan also provides pure ASO plans for groups who want to participate in refunds on Life, LTD, Reformulary, and low stop-loss pricing.

Compassionate Drug Assistance Program (CDAP)

Receive complimentary access to a Drug Advocate who will help you navigate various sources of funding to significantly reduce your medical costs. Our Advocates liaise with newly identified sources of financial assistance to ensure excess costs are eliminated.

Personalized Prescribing Plan (P3)

We are the only provider in Canada to offer coverage for pharmacogenetic testing at extremely low pricing. P3 helps doctors find the right dose of the right drug, the very first time.


This unique wellness program was developed to help educate and assist plan members who seek natural remedies to achieve optimal health of mind, body, and spirit.

Bespoke HR

If you don’t have an HR manager on-staff we can provide customized support and templated documents to help navigate difficult situations. We can even conduct a friendly audit to make sure your business is presently in good standing.

Short Term Disability (STD) Integration Services

For groups who choose to self-insure short term disability benefits, Beneplan has in-house custom adjudication that will help you save money. We can also show you how to save even more by leveraging government programs.

Employee Info Sessions

We will happily visit your workplace to explain insurance jargon in plain English, and help educate your employees on how to save money by being smart users of their plan.

Lowest Rates on Pooling Costs (Stop-Loss Insurance)

Beneplan has some of the lowest pooling/stop-loss rates in the country due to our buying power and excellent plan management.


Beneplan members have access to an exclusive agreement with the Reformulary Group, through The Co-operators. This allows plan sponsors to use a multi-tiered drug formulary to save costs on prescription drugs, while recovering greater volume discounts on the cost of the medicines. This is only available through Beneplan at no additional cost to the plan sponsor. A truly enterprise-style benefit, available for all employers.

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