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Annual Report 2017

Selected Highlights:

  • $2.3 million patronage dividend to member-owners.
  • $88,094: maximum patronage dividend.
  • $9,943: average patronage dividend among members in a health/dental surplus.
  • $7,667: average patronage dividend including groups in deficit with no dividend.
  • $72,788: average health & dental premium on which dividends are paid.
  • 11% of health / dental premiums on average were paid as a patronage dividend.
  • 79% of participating member-owners receiving a dividend and therefore had a health / dental surplus at year-end.
  • $16,684: volume discounts received from Reformulary Group from 25 participating employers.
  • 23 cases triaged successfully by the Drug Advocate.
  • Introduction of an HR Advisor, Pharmacogenetics and a Shepell EAP to our benefits offering.

Members can download the financial statements here: