Useful Information

How to deal with new plan members

Beneplan has devised a very simple and seamless method to adding new members to your plan.

We encourage you to click on the “Members Login” section above. Here, as the administrator you can login and find the “New Member Enrollment” section. By completing and submitting this online-form you will send the completed form to your local printer which can then be mailed to Beneplan.

Beneplan requires a physical copy of the form to ensure no mistakes were made.

You will also notice other forms available to change family status, terminate an employee, and change salary and class.

By utilizing these online forms, your job as plan administrator becomes quick, simple and secure.

Late Enrollments

When an employee has completed their waiting period (probationary period) to become effective on the benefits plan, that employee has 30 days to send in their completed enrollment form.

If an employee has coverage through his or her spouse, the employee may opt out of the family type coverages such as Health, Drugs, Vision care and/or Dental. This employee must enroll for the insurance type benefits such as Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Dependant Life, and Short or Long-Term Disability if applicable.

If an employee does not submit his or her enrollment within the 30 days of becoming eligible to do so, they will need to fill in a “Medical Health Questionnaire” and depending on what the questionnaire reveals, could be denied coverage.

Also, if an employee opted out of the family type coverage (due to coverage provided through spouses plan) and the spouse loses this coverage, the employee has 30 days (from the date the spouse lost coverage) to submit their enrollment without a medical questionnaire. If the employee submits any enrollment form after the 30 days has expired, that employee would need to fill in a medical questionnaire which could result in coverage being denied.

Out-of-country Students

When a dependant is leaving the country for educational purposes, they are entitled to the same coverage as a plan member who is leaving the country for vacation.

As outlined in the plan booklet, the member or dependant is covered for the first 60 days of their stay, after which time they are no longer covered under the plan.

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) can provide coverage for out-of- country students. To get approval for continuous OHIP eligibility during your longer absence, write or visit the ministry. You will need to show a document explaining the reason for your absence, for example, a letter from a school. You should contact your local OHIP office to get approval for your longer absence before you leave Ontario.

Beneplan suggests that Third Party, out-of-country insurance be purchased. This will ensure that the student is covered for costs above what OHIP covers. There are many companies who offer coverage plans specifically designed for Students studying abroad.

For more information on the coverage provided by OHIP click here.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Whenever the need arises for a new card, whether lost, stolen or simply a need to obtain more, contact Charles Nadon ( to request the card. You will need to include the name of the member as well as their Certificate number.