Privacy Policy


The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) became effective on January 1st, 2004. In response to the act, Beneplan Inc has developed a Privacy Policy so as to comply with the Act.
The following is our Privacy Policy: Beneplan Inc will adhere to the provisions and principles of the Personal
Information Protect and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Beneplan Inc is committed to protecting the privacy, confidentiality, security and accuracy of the personal information we have collected and will collect from you.

We will disclose only the necessary personal information to other insurers for the purpose of facilitating eligibility for benefits and for claims adjudication purposes.

Consent and Use

Beneplan Inc collects personal information from employees using enrollment, claims and other forms. These forms will have a declaration as to the purpose of collecting the personal information. The forms will contain
consent that we may use the collected information as declared. We will not use the information for any purpose not consented to.

Information Collection

Beneplan Inc collects limited information from you for the specific purpose of administering the group benefit plan, including:

  • Confirm personal information for the purpose of ascertaining eligibility for benefits under the group benefit plan
  • Adjudicate and settle claims
  • Share, as required, employees’ and dependents’ information with other insurance companies that participate in providing benefits
  • Provide ongoing products and services offered by Beneplan Inc or one of the participating insurance companies
  • And otherwise meet regulatory requirements


Beneplan Inc will disclose to the individual member all the information we have on record for that member at the written request of the member. The individual may challenge and amend the information on hand. Beneplan Inc reserves the right to request proof for some or all the personal information provided by a member.

Beneplan Inc reserves the right to withhold or refuse to provide information to any party, with the exception of the individual whose information is being requested, if we believe disclosure may breach PIPEDA.
Any person on whom we keep information may advise us in writing to cease to use the information on the individual, and to destroy such information. Such person shall bear full responsibility for the consequences
of his or her request.
Beneplan Inc will keep abreast of privacy legislation and developments and will amend our policies accordingly.

Deemed Notice

This page is deemed to be our notification to you of our Privacy Policy.

We will proceed with implementing our Privacy Policy as it applies to you. Please notify us immediately if there is anything in our Privacy Policy which you object to.

Personal Information Retention Policy

Beneplan Inc will maintain, keep and archive the information collected on individuals in the course of administering benefit plans for a minimum period of five years, but not longer than six years. Beneplan Inc will destroy the information both electronic and in paper form in a manner which ensures that the information cannot be used in any form by others.