Code of Ethics – Brokers

Beneplan Inc works with brokers on a selective basis. About half of Beneplan’s business comes from brokers, and Beneplan is committed to preserving those partnerships by protecting the broker’s client relationship. Beneplan Inc works with a few select Preferred Brokers, and they are selected on the basis of: Ethics & Integrity

A comprehensive knowledge of benefits

A commitment to understand how the Beneplan Co-operative works

A commitment to develop a significant block with the Beneplan Co-operative

Once a broker has selected to be a Preferred Broker, the relationship would be cemented through: Confidentiality agreements


Training sessions for producers

If a client asks to do business directly with Beneplan Inc, Beneplan Inc will decline and refer the client to their existing Preferred Broker.

If a client wishes to sever their relationship with the Preferred Broker, they will also be severing their relationship with Beneplan Inc.

Beneplan Inc will follow the Preferred Broker’s method of communications with the client. If a P.B. wishes to handle all communications with the client, Beneplan Inc will respect that.

If a P.B. wishes to white-label the Beneplan Co-operative under their branding, Beneplan Inc will respect that.

In the case where a client wishes to appoint one of Beneplan’s P.B.s as Agent of Record over another P.B., Beneplan must respect the AOR which the client selects.

To find out how you can become a Preferred Broker, please contact:

Mark Faiz

Chairman & Broker Relations

1.800.387.1670 x224

mfaiz at beneplan dot ca