post-it-notesWe are always looking to meet talented, ambitious individuals, regardless of which industry or background they come.

Why Work in Employee Benefits?

The benefits industry is a great one to join, because it’s always changing, you’ll always be challenged by learning something new almost daily, there’s tremendous room for growth, and is quite stable regardless of the economic climate.

Why Work at Beneplan?

Beneplan is one of the fastest growing benefits consultants in Canada, because we have a unique, innovative set of competitive products, as well as an exceptional track record in customer service and client retention. We are a small, agile and nimble company, so you’ll have the opportunity to have greater access to executives, as well as an environment where change can be made quickly, with no bureaucracy.

Beneplan is an equal-opportunities employer, who welcomes individuals from all abilities and backgrounds. We make a point to carefully follow employment law, to make sure we are operating onside 100% of the time.

Beneplan works very hard to hand-pick team members who have a positive attitude, enjoy a peaceful and happy work environment, and are able to work with multiple personalities and age groups. We have zero tolerance for office gossip, politics, negativity, or other toxic destroyers of culture…and that attitude comes from the top-down.

Hear from Our Team

“I love working at Beneplan, because I feel that I can add more value and affect real change at a smaller company, as opposed to a large insurer.”

“You’ll always have access to the CEO or VP, without having to book time. Simply knock on their door and ask a question. No questions are off-side!”

“My goal is to retire at Beneplan, because we have a peaceful work environment – everyone gets along, there is no drama, and I love working in an environment with less stress.”

Join Our Team

We are currently welcoming resumes for the following positions:

  • (4) Sales Associates – Licensed
  • (1) Print & Digital Designers
  • (1) Marketing Co-ordinator

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